I'd like to get some guidance on how to continue the implementation of the
CSME firmware coexistence.
We now need to fetch the connection parameters from CSME (through the
kernel). There is a vendor command API in the kernel. This works above the
nl80211 channel.

So should I include the header file
in src/libnm-platform/wifi/nm-wifi-utils-nl80211.c ?
OTOH, only recent kernels have this header, so what's the way to ask: try
to include this, if you don't have it, let's disable the feature? Should I
use this type of ifdef:
Do you prefer to have a separate nm-wifi-utils-intel-vnd.c file since it
exists only as an Intel Vendor command?
Should I create a new handler in NMWifiUtilsClass for that purpose?

Then, the nm core code could use the NMWifiUtilsClass to fetch the data
when it sees that RFKILL is asserted with the reason = "OS_NOT_OWNER".

Thanks :)
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