On Tue, 2022-03-22 at 11:52 +0100, Alfonso Sanchez-Beato via
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> Hi there!
> I have been using NetworkManager 1.36.2 to create an Access Point,
> but I am having some problems. Only devices that support WPA3 are
> able to connect to the AP. Looking at the history, I see that
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/-/commit/f5d78c2d289c9e4a4c247d2520c7c3e2baf537c8
> introduced a change that configures wpa_supplicant to be able to
> connect to any of WPA, WPA2 or WPA3 and choose the best candidate.
> However, it looks like this is breaking the hotspot case, at least
> for me - when I revert the change I am able to connect again from
> WPA2-only devices.
> I have seen these problems on
> * An intel NUC with Intel wifi driver
> * On a VM, when loading mac80211_hwsim with two radios (one for
> hotspot, the other for connecting to it)
> Kernel version is 5.15.0 and wpa_supplicant is 2.10. Is this a bug or
> maybe a more modern wpa_supplicant is needed?
> Thanks,
> Alfonso


sounds related to 


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