RFC 8801 [1] is standard tracks already. Would it be difficult to
implement it in NM? I think it provides very nice way to make profiles
on ethernet connections for example. Not sure if I can have multiple
configurations switched automatically withou Radius used for port security.

But this RFC allows specification of domains and prefixes used on given
connection. That would be useful for VPN connected to work for example,
but when I still want to reach some local resources. For example printer
or local file storage, when I work from home. Unlike Radius it can work
fine at home networks too. But it can use TLS for obtaining basic
infromation, so those information can be secure at the same time.

It requires some kind of autoconfiguration of IP addresses. But I would
like to have possible LLMNR or mDNS configuration configured just on
some kind of networks. Could provision domain allow profiles in NM,
which would be autoconfigured via network? It would be great for laptops
connected via ethernet.

Or is there possible similar functionality possible without this?

1. https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8801.html

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