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> I'm using a yocto arm build of NetworkManager 1.32.10 on an embedded
> device.  There is a broadcom network device attached over PCIe that
> comes up with a MAC of 00:00:00:00:00:00 on network device enp1s0,
> and I am trying to manage it with NetworkManager.  I set cloned-mac-
> address to the mac that I want to assign to it.  However when I try
> to bring it up I get this helpful error:
> # nmcli con up ethernet-enp1s0
> Error: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for
> this connection (device enp1s0 not available because device is not
> available).
> If I set the MAC to something else with "ip link set dev enp1s0 addr
> <mac>" first, then the nmcli con up succeeds and sets the mac to the
> value specified in cloned-mac-address.  Is there a way to get this to
> work on boot with just NetworkManager?  My nmconnection file:

Some drivers/NICs don't support changing the MAC address at all, or
only badly. Seems you can change it, but maybe after changing it, the
NIC takes a very long time to get carrier (cable-plugged in) back. If
that's the case, maybe configure "carrier-wait-timeout". Read `man

In any case, check the level=TRACE log.

Read [1] for hints about logging.

If you read [1] about privacy concerns and are aware, you may also
email it here.



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