On Fri, Jul 01, 2022 at 02:12:45AM +0300, Slava Monich wrote:
> Actually, this wasn't about connected interfaces. When the interface is
> connected, AP roaming has to be supported, locking connection to BSSID of
> the AP is not an option, there's no way to avoid active scans.
> That's fine.
> What I had in mind was a scenario when the device running network manager
> has more than one Wi-Fi interface, and those are not connected (but have to
> be ready to be connected at any time). Passive scans produce lots of D-Bus
> traffic, which creates serious load (I mean it, really serious load) on the
> device. And yet, periodic scans on all those interfaces produce more or less
> the same list of networks, needlessly wasting precious system resources.
> It seems to make every bit of sense to disable scans on all but one
> disconnected Wi-Fi interface, and let the UI use the list of available APs
> produced by that one single interface. And since no connection is involved
> at this stage, it can't be a connection property, right? It's got to be an
> org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device.Wireless property.


> And yes, it means that this property is not going to be persistent but it
> doesn't need to be, since it has to be updated every time when the system
> state changes (e.g. an interface appears or disappears, gets connected or
> disconnected). Which is fine since this scenario implies a separate service
> choosing which interface will do the scanning, that logic is product
> specific and out of scope.
> Am I missing something?

I don't know others' opinion, but this seems a legitimate use case to
me, and I'm in favor of adding such D-bus property to the
Device.Wireless interface.


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