I have a device with cellular modem running a Linux-based OS with ModemManager/NetworkManager used for the connectivity management. Occasionally, the cellular connection breaks and it takes several connection attempts until the connection can be established again. Currently, we have autoconnect-retries=0 for our cellular connection so there are infinite retries. This, however, can cause significant system load if the ModemManager connect (dbus) calls fail immediately which occasionally happens.

As far as I understand, NetworkManager will attempt a new autoconnection attempt right away after the previous attempt failed. The only way of slowing this down is to set autoconnect-retries=1 which will cause NetworkManager to wait for 5 minutes between attempts. This wait duration seems to be fixed.

Is there a way to make NetworkManager perform a backoff (e.g. linear or exponential) between connection attempts? Are there any other ways to guarantee that the cellular modem is "always connected" without having NetworkManager to loop like crazy when a (re-)connection attempt fails?

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