Re-posting... sorry I hijacked a thread.

   I have an hp pavilion 713a machine, with Microstar MS-6577
Motherboard.  This has an Avance AC97 audio chip on board, which works
fine under the pre-loaded XP.  I'm trying to migrate it to Mandrake
(10.0 Community), and running into the odd obstacle or two...
   Firstly, the drivers themselves.  "Configure your computer" says the
hardware itself is working fine (there are no error messages).  I've
tried using the alternate drivers as listed here, but with no better
success than the default (snd_intel 8x0).  The diagnostic procedures
tell me to run a series of commands, and I've done these, but the
results are cryptic:
   chkconfig --list sound  reports a series of 0: .. 6:, with off or
   chkconfig --list alsa does the same.  What do these mean?

Frans Ketelaars replied:
>See 'man chkconfig'. In this case it lists the runlevels in which a
>service like sound or alsa is started. Posting the output of the
>diagnostic procedures is always a good idea.
   Nextly, the mixer.  I'm using KDE desktop, so up comes Kmix.  The
help files for this tell me nothing about what the red and green buttons
(above and below the sliders) are for - can ANYONE tell me?  Also, I can
see a "Mix Mono" output, but after having fiddled the drivers the stereo
one has disappeared - is this a symptom of the lack of sound out?  Yes,
I can right-click the slider and split the control, but the right one
snaps to the left setting, so that doesn't turn it into stereo, it's
really a mono one.
Frans replied:
> Use alsamixer if you use the default ALSA driver snd_intel8x0.
> has a man page. Be sure to unmute (toggle with the 'm' key) and raise
> the volumes of the relevant channels, at least 'pcm' and 'master'.
> Btw, what exactly is the problem? Do applications 'appear' to play?

   To continue the saga:

   I tried alsamixer, but with no more success in terms of sound output,
and though it explained the red and green buttons in Kmix it raised a
few points in itself.

   Kmix (bottom right corner) shows I am controlling Intel 82801DB-ICH4.
I presume this is correct for the AC'97 as embedded on the mobo.  The
MCC (under Hardware/Hardware) says the Soundcard is ICH4 845G/GL Chipset
AC'97 Audio Controller, and Module is snd-intel8x0.
   The green buttons are muted when dim, and un-muted when bright, i.e
   The red buttons are "capture selected" when bright.

   alsamixer says Card: Intel 82801DB-ICH4, and Chip: Realtek ALC202 rev
0.  The onboard LAN is a Realtek RTL8139 - is this part of the same
chip?  I'm having troubles with that too...
   man alsamixer says Spacebar toggles Capture mode on a valid input,
adding or removing it from the capture sources.  Its behaviour belies
this: it selects that channel for capture, removing all other inputs
from capture sources.  Having found this, I noted that Kmix seems to
allow multiple sources fro capture, though the red buttons will not
clear immediately after being selected: another source has to be toggled
in between. Strange...

   With a CD in the drive, and the CD player indicating that it is there
and playing a track, and with the mixer (either alsamixer or Kmix)
showing CD selected and volume high (80%+), there is still no sound out.

#chkconfig --list sound 
sound    0:off  1:off  2:on  3:on  4:on  5:on  6:off
#chkconfig --list alsa
alsa     0:off  1:off  2:on  3:on  4:on  5:on  6:off
N 5

Any takers? :-)


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