MSGID: 111:4975/403 284540cc
PID: ALLFIX+ 6.00.18 52A58F2E
TID: GE/32 1.2
 Found at    : TJ'S BBS
 SysOp       : Joseph Scinta
 Telephone   : 407-330-3210
 Max Speed   : 57600
 Address     : 111:4975/403
 Flags       : CM,XX,V32B,V34,V42B
 ICQ         : 22500522

 STNL0125.ZIP    64,244 The Sysop's TechNet InfoPack  (1/25/02)
                        STN is  dedicated to the sysop,  in over
                        39   echos   ranging  from   mailers  to
                        tossers,  BBS software, utils,  specific
                        software   support,   modems,  operating
                        systems, and more!   With a growing base
                        of developers, reg sites,  beta testers,
                        and otherwise  informed  people,  we can
                        ensure the  very best in  sysop support.
                        Who else can give that guarantee?   With
                        over  305  nodes,  the  discussions  and
                        support are amazing.   STN is one of the
                        the fastest growing FTN networks around!
                        Fully  transportable via  the  internet,
                        utilizing  WaterGate,   Transx,  Vmodem,
                        FTP, F2I, AllFix,  IRex, Binkp and more!
                         FREQ STNINFO from [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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      and can be requested at anytime.

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... The house of Lords is the British Outer Mongolia for retired politicians.
--- GEcho 1.20/Pro TJ'S 
 * Origin: TJ'S BBS ->[EMAIL PROTECTED]<- (111:4975/403)

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