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 BISON132.ZIP  593,14126-01-30Bison is a general-purpose parser generator
                                that converts a grammar description for an
                                LALR context-free grammar into a C program
                                to parse that grammar. Once you are
                                proficient with Bison, you can use it to
                                develop a wide range of language parsers, f
 CHK4MAIL.ZIP   10,36926-01-30chk4mail lists the number of read and unread
                                messages in all the folders in your mail
                                directory and inbox. This is especially
                                useful to people who automatically filter
                                their mail to several folders. It supports
                                standard mbox format, MMDF, MH, and Mai
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 Area : STN_OLIST             Comment : STN_OLIST                           
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 STNL0125.RAR   49,71826-01-30The Sysop's TechNet InfoPack  (1/25/02)
                                STN is  dedicated to the sysop,  in over
                                39   echos   ranging  from   mailers  to
                                tossers,  BBS software, utils,  specific
                                software   support,   modems,  operating
                                systems, and more!   With a growing base
                                of developers, reg sites,  beta testers,
                                and otherwise  informed  people,  we can
                                ensure the  very best in  sysop support.
                                Who else can give that guarantee?   With
                                over  305  nodes,  the  discussions  and
                                support are amazing.   STN is one of the
                                the fastest growing FTN networks around!
                                Fully  transportable via  the  internet,
                                utilizing  WaterGate,   Transx,  Vmodem,
                                FTP, F2I, AllFix,  IRex, Binkp and more!
                                 FREQ STNINFO from [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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