Vecernje Novosti, 08/03/07

By A.M.


William Walker Gives Tasks to Albanian Extremists For an Attack on Northern 


The visit of William Walker some ten days ago in Kosovo has alarmed the 
representatives of KFOR’s intelligence service, who estimate that his arrival 
had not been accidentally timed, Novosti learns from sources close to UNMIK.


The information of French intelligence officers is that Walker met with many 
former KLA members that he had personally trained for special operations 
against the Serbian forces. The goal of his arrival is the preparation of a 
scenario and ordering of guidelines to Albanian terrorists for taking measures 
to seize northern Kosovo.


Walker visited twice the Drenica, Srbica and Prekaz. He met in Pec at the 
Metohija Hotel with former members of Haradinaj’s special unit that perpetrated 
the gravest crimes against Serbs and non-Albanians in 1999. He visited the 
region of Mokra Gora and Djakovica. He met in Prizren with the KPC deputy 
commander, and in the village of Zur he had talks with a group of unknown 
Albanians. He also met all of the old spies he had created when he headed the 
Verification Mission prior to the NATO bombardment.


According to what the intelligence services of the big powers had informed 
their governments, Walker was on a mission of preparing terrorists and 
extremists for performing the final phase in the realization of the project on 
an independent Kosovo in case plans are not resolved “peacefully.” 
Nevertheless, the focus is on northern Kosovo.


The international forces in Kosovo, especially KFOR, do not have a worked-out 
performance strategy in different situations regardless of the fact that all 
KFOR representatives state they are ready for “all options,” our source from 
UNMIK states.


Divisions inside KFOR are big. The Americans are trying to hold everything 
under control. A lot of information and classified data on the preparations of 
terrorists for new activities are not available to French officers. Only higher 
officers appointed by NATO have access to such sources. The Americans are 
afraid that the French will give out such plans to the Serbs in northern 
Kosovo. The French officers are acquainted only with classified data of lower 
level, and it is noticeable in some situations that some data is given out to 
see where it will end up.


Certain KFOR contingents that have forces in northern Kosovo received the task 
of systematically provoking the Serbs everywhere and causing their reactions.


KFOR doesn’t have worked out performance plans in northern Kosovo, says our 
source, in case of an eventual attempt of the Serbs to separate this part or 
plans of a possible operation of Albanian terrorists towards the north. Certain 
KFOR contingents openly fear a sudden operation of Albanian terrorists towards 
the north, which is possible in the coming months.


Terrorist groups received the task of provoking the Serbs during the crossing 
of the boundary line with Kosovo, pushing them to revolt attacks of Albanian 
villages and houses along the communication lines that are leading towards 
Presevo and Bujanovac, and to possibly “seize” some villages, which would give 
room to the Albanian extremists to attack them in alleged self-defense. The 
plan is to provoke the Serbian security forces to react in the protection of 
Serb convoys and to then urgently request the intervention of international 
forces in the protection of the “jeopardized Albanian population in the Presevo 
Valley from Serbian security forces that are revenging over the loss of Kosovo.”



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