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Ahtisaari's Collusion With Albanian Mafia Confirmed Beyond Doubt
Ahtisaari payments
U.S. State Department Unable to Deny Ahtisaari Corruption
Excerpt From July 13 Press Briefing 

Mr. Lambros. 

QUESTION: On Kosovo. Mr. Casey, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
suggested today Martti Ahtisaari unfitness* to mediate further talks based
on a bunch of reports that Albanian mafia bribed the UN Kosovo mediator,
something which has been most* confirmed by Washington-based Global
Information System, GIS, and Gregory Copely of Defense and Foreign Affairs
Institute. Given the U.S. Government concern about corruption at the UN,
should the U.S. Government be calling for an investigation into this matter?
How do these allegations impact U.S. confidence in Ahtisaari's fitness to
mediate further talks in Kosovo? 

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, I think that the reports you're referring to
probably fall into the category of spurious [German Intelligence and GIS
reports are "spurious"?!]. But look, Mr. Ahtisaari is a distinguished former
head of government of Finland, a person with a tremendous amount of
experience and a track record in working on these issues. He has the full
confidence of the Secretary General who appointed him UN and certainly the
plan that Mr. Ahtisaari put forward has the full endorsement of the United
States as the basis for moving forward. 

We've put forward a Security Council resolution with others that calls
presently for a period of additional discussions among the parties prior to
implementation of those recommendations. But again, I don't see any reason
why there should be any question about the work that he did. We very much
appreciate and respect the efforts that he made. We believe that he came up
with a good plan and one that's in the best interests of the Kosovars, of
the Serbian people and of the region as a whole. 

QUESTION: One more on the same issue. According to reports, the UN Secretary
General Ban Ki-moon already started an investigation about these payments,
confirmed the existence by a report prepared for him by the German
intelligence agency BND unit assigned to the UN mission in Kosovo. Any
comment on it? 

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, you're free to go ask the UN what investigations it
has or hasn't started. [.] If you'd like to pursue shadows, feel free to
talk to the UN about it.
Far More Than "Shadows" - Gregory Copley: Ahtisaari's Corruption Confirmed
Beyond Doubt 

In July 14 exclusive interview with Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti, the
President of the International Strategic Studies Association Gregory Copley
confirmed that everything published about Martti Ahtisaari being bribed by
the Albanian mafia to propose independence for southern Serbian Kosovo
province is correct. 

"We have been investigating a number of corruption cases in the Balkans
during the past 15 years. We have received a lot of information and heard
rumors about corruption in the Martti Ahtisaari's office, but we waited
until we heard for the article published by the Banja Luka daily Fokus.
That's when we started our own investigation. Talking with the number of our
sources, we confirmed that German Intelligence Service BND has indeed put
this report together. Our report is created for the governments which are
the only ones using the Global Information System. As far as I understand,
it was leaked to the media," said Copley.
Ahtisaari's Anti-Serbian Bias Evident from the Start 

QUESTION: Is the information about Ahtisaari being bribed reliable? 

MR. COPLEY: First of all, we have seen the BND report. We then inquired with
our sources if we can get an independent confirmation about the Ahtisaari
corruption. Few intelligence sources from different states involved in
Kosovo process were either suspecting or had evidence about Ahtisaari's
involvement with Albanian organized crime. 

QUESTION: How long were you on Ahtisaari's trail? 

MR. COPLEY: We have been observing him ever since he was appointed a UN
special envoy for Kosovo status, because we knew he came to that post after
working for the International Crisis Group, established by the financier
George Soros. We also knew that Soros, as well as the ICG, is firmly backing
the independence of Kosovo province. This meant that Ahtisaari obviously
wasn't an impartial person for this position. 

QUESTION: Has any particular government ordered the investigation of the
Ahtisaari case? 

MR. COPLEY: Our association conducts independent investigations. We do not
work for any particular government and that is why many governments trust
our neutrality. We have conducted a large number of investigations
pertaining to the Balkan events, the results of which were considerably
different from the picture created by the media. This has made some of the
governments skeptical, but most of them have now arrived at the position
that our reports have been confirmed over time. 

QUESTION: In your experience, how much could a revelation such as this one
influence the concrete politics? 

MR. COPLEY: We've had many requests for confirmation and for further
information by the large number of governments and international
organizations overseeing the Kosovo process. 

QUESTION: From the Serbian Government? 

MR. COPLEY: Not from the Serbian Government. 

QUESTION: From the American Administration? 

MR. COPLEY: All I'm going to say is - not from the Serbian Government, but
from the large number of governments and the international organizations.
U.S. State Department Acts Like the Albanian Terrorists' Agent 

QUESTION: What do you expect now? 

MR. COPLEY: We expect the United Nations to evaluate Ahtisaari's position.
Unfortunately, it seems that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon lacks the
guts to acknowledge the situation created by the [Albanian terrorist] KLA
threats of renewed violence. I am disappointed with the fact that the new UN
Secretary General has no courage to clean his own backyard. This shows that
there is a lot of corruption within the UN that also existed during the Ban
Ki-moon's predecessor. 

QUESTION: According to the Fokus article, it was the UN Secretary General
that requested the investigation of Ahtisaari's corruption? 

MR. COPLEY: Soon after he requested the investigation, he demanded quick
resolution of Kosovo issue and he failed to undertake clear steps to suspend
Ahtisaari, or to examine his work. He was obviously shocked by the initial
accusations, which German intelligence confirmed beyond any doubts. But it
should also be taken into consideration that Ki-moon is right now under
enormous pressure - not just from the KLA which threatens the entire region
with violence, but from the U.S. State Department which acts like the KLA
agent in promoting Kosovo independence. 

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Evidence That UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari Received Albanian
Mafia Bribes for Kosovo Independence 

Defense & Foreign Affairs Analysis. 

By Valentine Spyroglou, GIS Station Chief, South-East Europe. 

On July 8, 2007 the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army, Ushtria ?lirimtare e
Kosov?s or U?K) war veterans issued an announcement warning the
international community and especially the United Nations (UN) not to
interfere the process of recognizing Kosovo's independence. 

The KLA announcement specifically said that the Albanian leaders of Kosovo
should not accept more suspensions (delays) or new negotiations because
these would lead to new hostilities. If their demands were not accepted,
then the KLA veterans warned that they would have to take action as KLA
soldiers and honor the oath of their national heroes. 

The announcement came while the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, former Finnish
President Marti Ahtisaari, was publicly accused of having connections with
the Albanian mafia in Kosovo. 

The Finnish News Agency, STT, published on June 26 and June 27, 2007, two
articles stating that the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo was "bought" by the
Albanian mafia in order to support independence for Kosovo. The STT articles
reported that the information was initially published by the Banja Luka
(Republica Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Daily Fokus on June 21, 2007,
entitled "Albanian Mafia Bought Ahtisaari". 

According to the Banja Luka report, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had
requested that the German Federal Intelligence Service, BND, inform him in
detail on what was happening in Kosovo, and he finally received a detailed
report on Special Envoy Ahtisaari's activities in Kosovo. 

........The GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs station in south-eastern Europe
has conducted research in the Balkans and from secure sources it was
revealed that the BND report does indeed exist, and that the information
contained is not "Serbian fiction" but a reality. 

The research also revealed additional secure and confirmed information.
Specifically, it was confirmed that the former KLA leader, Hakim Thaci (also
known as "the snake" of KLA), had made a plan of "100 days" for Kosovo's

It is foreseen that elections would be held in Kosovo, in November 2007; the
Kosovo Parliament will have 120 seats from which 100 seats will be taken by
Albanians, 10 seats by the Serbs, and 10 seats will be occupied by the
remaining minorities in Kosovo. The election winner would be Hakim Thaci,
winning 75 seats. 

The remaining 25 seats would be taken by Albanian parties in Kosovo. They
consider that the Serbs would not vote, hence the 10 Serbian seats would be
taken again by representatives of Hakim Thaci. 

The first session of the Kosovo Parliament would, under the plan, then
decide and announce Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).
According to highly-reliable sources, Thaci and his friends had taken their
decisions unilaterally and despite the UN Security Council decision,
regardless of what this could mean for the security of the region. 

Meanwhile, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs sources confirmed that the BND
report also contained extensive additional information on the involvement in
corrupt activities of other international community personalities involved
in Kosovo. 

As a result, it was understood that, under the pressure of the emerging
information/facts, the UN was now considering promoting the partition of
Kosovo, rather than adopting the Ahtisaari plan for granting complete
independence to Kosovo. 

Posted by Alan Peters at 11:31 PM

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