Trump's noisy retro-fascist act is nowhere near as dangerous as the kinder,
gentler fascism promoted by both
parties and the media: the fascism of unprecedented mass surveillance
and unending
"terror threats"; "elections" run by private companies that "count the
vote" in secret; a "free press" pumping out fantastic lies, in strident
unanimity against "our" latest enemies, and ridiculing anyone who questions
the official line; whistle-blowers imprisoned, or in hiding, or in flight;
protestors penned in "First Amendment zones," and/or clubbed, gassed,
and/or hauled off to jail en masse; dissidents whose efforts are subverted
by agents provocateurs; prisoners routinely tortured, and exploited as
slave laborers; and—last but not least—rampant police brutality (including
summary execution on what seems to be a daily basis).

That all of this (and more) seems normal now is scarier by far than
anything that Donald Trump might do if he should "win"—which he probably
won't, despite those terroristic polls, which help blind us to what's
happened here already.

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