Unless I'm missing something (always possible), it looks like the *Times*
has run *six* articles about
that genocidal slaughter since last August, four of them last year. On Dec.
27, the *Times *also pumped
out a most indignant editorial about Team Trump's blind eye toward the
catastrophe—a blindness that
has also struck the *Times *itself.

Compare its silence vis-a-vis the ongoing US/Saudi massacre with its loud
lamentations over Syria
(lamentations that obscure the US hand behind the violence there).

Thus "America's newspaper of record" has helped transform the USA into a
"captive nation," where
the most educated people *think *they're well-informed, because they *think*
the US press is "free."


50,000 children in Yemen have died of starvation and disease so far this
year, monitoring group says
[image: Malnourished children and their mothers in Yemen]

Yemeni women sit near their malnourished children who are receiving
treatment in a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen, on Nov. 15, 2017. More than 50,000
children under the age of 15 are at risk of death from acute malnutrition
by the end of 2017 after more than two years of escalating conflict between
Saudi-backed forces and the Houthi rebels.
Associated Press

An international aid group says an estimated 130 children or more die every
day in war-torn Yemen from extreme hunger and disease.

Save the Children said late Wednesday that a continuing blockade by the
Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Shiite rebels is likely to further
increase the death rate. It says over 50,000 children are believed to have
died in 2017.


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