With "our free press" hustling us toward Armageddon, those of us who still
have working
brains (and who are still at liberty) must do all we can to spread the word
that *there's no*
*evidence of any gas attack in Syria. *

Beyond the fact that *Assad's regime has no chemical weapons*, and, even if
they did,
*no possible motive for using them* (just after routing the Islamists
through conventional
military means, and just after Trump tweeted that the US should *pull out *of
Syria*)*; and,
as well, beyond the fact that *there appears to be no trace of any lethal
gas in Douba,*
there are some major problems with the video provided by those White
Helmets "activists"
to "prove" that that "attack" took place.

In short, this White Helmets "video" is clearly just as phony as they
are—flimsy grounds
for a big military push that could incinerate us all.






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While horrible photos (link 18+
<https://twitter.com/SyriaCivilDef/status/982727239132418050>) of people
allegedly killed in the April 7 Douma attack rapidly became widely known
after they had been released by the White Helmets, there was something
ignored by the media.

Besides the photos of the dead bodies, Douma “media activists” also
released videos showing two compressed gas cylinders, which had allegedly
been used by “the Assad regime” to conduct the chemical attack on Douma.

These videos raise some questions.

*Let's look at the compressed gas cylinder #1 (revealed on April 8):*

This was the first video showing the alleged compressed gas cylinder used
in the attack. It appeared on April 8, a day after the first reports about
the attack (April 7).

This cylinder was allegedly dropped from some helicopter of the Syrian Arab
Air Force, made a hole in the roof and appeared in some appartment inside
the building.
[image: There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White
Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack]

Click to see the full-size image

The question is: *Why is the cylinder undamaged, after falling from
hundreds meters above and crashing through the roof? Another issue is that
it looks like the cylinder was able to make a hole in the roof but failed
to damage the bed.*
[image: There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White
Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack]

Click to see the full-size image

By the way, this cylinder is *closed.*
[image: There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White
Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack]

Click to see the full-size image

Another video from the same location:

*Let's look at the compressed gas cylinder #2 (revealed on April 10):*

*This compressed gas cylinder was allegedly filmed on April 9, on a roof of
the building hit by the attack. However, the video was released by the
White Helmets on April 10, a day after Russian servicemembers visited the
parts of Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place.
to the Russian Defense Ministry, no traces of the chemical attack were

Let’s say this is an accident.

No doubt, the criticism faced by the “activists” after the first video was
used to improve the second one, in which the cylinder appears slightly

*In sum, the questions:*

   1. Why is cylinder #1 undamaged after having been been dropped from a
   2. Why cylinder #1 closed?
   3. Why is the bed under the cylinder #1 undamaged?
   4. Why did the second video, showing the (slightly damaged) cylinder #2,
   appear only on April 10, a day after the Russians inspected the area?

Everyone is free to decide for himself *[but sooner rather than later—MCM]*

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