*When will this start happening here? (Or is it already?)*


*"And while New Zealanders welcome enhanced policing during the lockdown,
we must also police ourselves and others. *

*"We all have to remember to tell off and dob in. While it may seem
peculiar to us now, telling a neighbour to get off your front step is as
important for the public good as taking a drunk person's car keys off them
or reporting a tourist driving on the wrong side of the road.*

*"If someone flouts the rules, the public can ring the non-urgent number
105 or 111 in an emergency, or email nhccselfisolat...@health.govt.nz
<nhccselfisolat...@health.govt.nz>. New Zealand must get in touch with its
inner snitch." *

Coronavirus: Welcome to the pandemic police state

March 26, 2020

EDITORIAL: The real surprise, when a crisis comes, is how many people in
democratic countries are willing to give up their freedoms for the greater

Parliament has been suspended and New Zealand has moved into lockdown to
minimise the effect of Covid-19 on the population. The overwhelming
majority of New Zealanders tolerate such measures, or even welcome them,
because the overseas experience has presented us with two options.

*Click on the link for the rest.*

05:00, Mar 26 2020

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