Before I make this new Facebook Group
<> invite-only based on
referrals from members, I am looking to connect researchers interested in
practice and practitioners interested in serious research on all things
social media and democracy as charter members.

I am guessing you'd also rather join 100 members ready to share knowledge
rather than be in another group with 10,000 lurkers.

In recent weeks, you've probably heard <>
about Facebook's connection <> to an independent
foundation funded <> (multiple foundations
<>) effort to research the impact
<> on social media on elections and democracy.
That's great. There is even a related conference this week
<> (no webcast planned at this point) with an
amazing list of academic speakers.

I am fundamentally interested in how we open up channels of communication
that help researchers hear from practitioners on .. what are the gaping
holes in actionable research? Whether you are a democracy building
practitioner or a political campaign operative or an activist seeking to
influence people or your government, what is happening *NOW* with social
media and democracy that needs solid research? Perhaps you are within
government having used social media to help get elected or in media looking
for trends or digital options to boost your role in the future of
democracy, this group on research is for you too.

I am also interested in how researchers can more effectively engage and
access digital practitioners across all the major sectors of democracy -
government, media, campaigns and elections, advocacy and legislative
bodies, and more. Let's build a digital bridge between research and
practice that people actually use.

I am a big believer in the power of well conceived and facilitated Facebook
Groups for truly global knowledge exchange. While Twitter is fine for short
shelf-life coverage of in-person events, Facebook Groups allow us to go
more in-depth and reach more people more times of the day. (I still love
email lists, but it is almost impossible to get new people under 40 to

So, if you are interested, you *must* answer the join request survey
questions or you will not be allowed to join:

Steven Clift

P.S. If you just prefer light reading and not participating actively,
everyone is welcome to join my 7500+ member Civic Technology and Open
Government Facebook Group. It is a very active group with daily posts:

Steven Clift  -  Executive Director,  -  +1 612 234 7072

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