Hi All,

Yesterday morning, 13 August, four minutes before civil sunrise at 0551
hours (0852 UTC,) in Carleton, Nova Scotia, I recorded what appears to be a
fall-out of American Redstarts (AMRE) and Black-and-White Warblers (BAWW).
In the space of 1 minute and 20 seconds, there were 21 American Redstart
calls and 39 Black-and-White Warbler calls, plus an Ovenbird (OVEN), and a
few unidentified warblers. A screen-capture of my Raven Pro review panel is
attached and shows the calls for this 1.33-minute period. Please note that
there are a few duplicate clips in the photo for those cases where calls
were overlapping.

I should note that an air quality warning was in effect in the areas just
northeast of my monitoring station due to a number of wildfires. There was a
light shower at the station between 0130 and 0157 hours. Otherwise, there
appeared to be no other unusual atmospheric conditions.

While it is possible that this was a flock of birds already on the ground
and moving with first light, the pattern of calls is similar to what I've
seen before for autumn fall-outs of warblers, usually much later in the
season, in mid-September.




John F. Kearney

Carleton, Nova Scotia





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