Hi Preston and all,

I downloaded the calls you sent. The first one is a “double-up” warbler mostly 
likely one in the genus Oreothlypis (Nashville, Tennessee, and Orange-crowned). 
I would lean toward Tennessee for this one due to the nice bend in the 
spectrogram. When I first looked at the second call, I thought it was a 
Magnolia Warbler due to the spacing between humps, but on closer examination 
its high frequency, number of humps, depth between humps, and somewhat 
descending character fit better with Cape May Warbler.



John Kearney

Carleton, Nova Scotia


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Night of 9/01-02/16; Westport, Connecticut


I recorded an interesting call that night (the night of a small cold front), 
and was wondering if anyone could aid me in its identification. Thank you for 
any input.


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