It has been several years since I’ve done this, but I thought it would be a 
good time to provide a list of who’s who for the currently subscribed users of 

I realize there may be some individuals opposed of being “exposed” in this way, 
and I would like to respect that for those persons who wish not to be known.

My intent is to post a list of names only (no email addresses) to NFC-L, so 
that everyone knows who they are speaking to in this community of people with 
similar hobby or professional interests, and to help lessen the sense of NFC-L 
being a big black box.

If you are someone who is opposed to having their presence be known, for 
whatever the reason may be, please email me off-list and I’ll be sure not to 
include your name in the list of member names.

Thanks for understanding and good night listening everyone!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, NFC-L
Ithaca, New York
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