Welcome to NFC-L!

NFC-L is an email list (the List) focused on the discussion of the night 
flight calls of migratory birds.

The primary purpose of the List is to provide an effective electronic 
forum for experienced birders to discuss the identification of night 
flight calls of migratory birds, exchange ideas about recording 
equipment design and setup, disseminate information about active or 
predicted night flights in your area, and to better understand weather 
and RADAR data as they relate to patterns of nocturnal bird migration.

Initially, attachments containing limited-sized sound files, 
photographs, frame-grabs, or other documents to help further the 
discussion and shared knowledge of nocturnal bird migration will be 
acceptable and are encouraged. Be advised that attachments can also 
serve as a mode for spreading infectious computer viruses. Use caution 
when opening any attachment.

Please take a moment to review the Welcome and Configuration 
<http://www.northeastbirding.com/NFC_WELCOME> and the Information and 
Rules <http://www.northeastbirding.com/NFC_RULES> pages for the List.

Please also realize that the List is in its infancy. The purpose of the 
List may morph over time, as well as the guidelines and rules for use. 
The List will always have the primary focus of flight calls (both 
nocturnal and diurnal) of migratory birds.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks and good night-listening!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, NFC-L
Ithaca, New York

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