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I should add that among the numerous acts of misinformation in the article 
that John cited is the estimate that only "7000 birds" are killed a year by 
wind turbines in the US. Anyone can do a little research on the web to 
debunk this.

We are approaching 30,000 wind turbines in the US now and we have about 500 
in New York. A bird and bat fatality study at the ~200-turbine Maple Ridge 
wind project on the Tug Hill Plateau in northern NY estimated that project 
alone killed ~2000 birds in only a 5 month period from July through November 
2006 [I am happy to send anyone the study].

The current number of birds killed at US wind turbines per year is difficult 
to estimate because Texas, with 10,000+ turbines, has not yet produced a 
credible fatality study. But estimates I've seen that are widely accepted 
put the figure at more than an order of magnitude higher than 7000 and 
growing rapidly. Whoever wrote the article John cited did not do there 

Bill Evans

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Subject: Wind farm/bird collision solution in Texas

> We may finally have a solution to wind farm bird collisions. The radar 
> based system
> being employed in Texas appears to be effective. It would be a logical 
> requirement
> for all commercial wind installations. See this link:
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/interactive/2009/apr/30/texas-wind-farm-migrating-birds
> John
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