Hello, nocturnal flight call enthusiasts. Anybody wanna grab up the last
spot in this free workshop? Come learn how we do it in the West!--no
"easy" thrushes, grosbeaks, tanagers, cuckoos, or anything like that.
It's all sparrows and warblers, basically...  All best, --Ted

There is space for one (1) more participant in a birding workshop that
is being 
offered for free to members of the American Birding Association in
September of 
this year. In a nutshell: Based out of Boulder, Colorado, we'll be
listening to 
nocturnal migrants, we'll learn how to identify some of them by their
calls, we'll make sound recordings and study sonograms, and we'll talk
applications of flight call monitoring to avian conservation. 

Full details at:
Ted Floyd
tedfloyd57 AT hotmail.com
Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado
Ted Floyd
Editor, Birding
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