HI All,

With such an interest in listening to migrating birds at night, I thought you’d 
all be interested in this effort.

     The Cayuga Bird Club in Ithaca, NY has started an effort to establish a 
network of sister birding clubs in North and Central America linking the 
migratory pathways of neotropical songbirds.  Many of the colorful and familiar 
"Birds of Summer" that we enjoy so much in North America during the breeding 
season (e.g., think Wood Thrush and Golden-winged Warbler) are experiencing big 
decreases in their populations.  Among many factors are loss of habitat on the 
breeding and wintering areas.  While those of us in North America are aware of 
the general population declines for many neotropical migrants, Birding clubs in 
Central America are more aware and knowledgeable of the situation on the ground 
in their countries. Some of the benefits of establishing sister birding clubs 
is to share information, pictures, and stories with each other about what the 
habitat threats and situations are like, and what people on the "other end" of 
the migratory pathway can do or need help doing.

     As president of the Cayuga Bird Club, I have contacted many birding clubs 
and Audubon Society chapters in NY and PA about the idea, and interest here in 
North America is high.  I will be traveling to Honduras later this fall to 
participate in the Honduras Birding Tour for Conservation (HBTC).  The HBTC is 
an effort to bring awareness to both the plight of birds in Honduras as well as 
the opportunities for tourists to experience the amazing bird life of that 
Central American country.  I also plan to meet with as many of the six existing 
birding clubs in Honduras as possible to discuss the sister birding club idea.  
He have made contacts with someone from most of those clubs, which are 
scattered around a country the size of Virginia.  Lacking any professional or 
institutional support for this effort, I have started a Go Fund Me campaign 
(www.gofundme.com/2rha68nv<http://www.gofundme.com/2rha68nv>) to raise funds to 
support my travel within Honduras to visit these clubs.

     Please consider making a donation to support this effort (even $5 or $10 
donations can help!).  Also, please contact me by email at 
presid...@cayugabirdclub.org if you are interested in knowing more about this 
effort or want to help in some other way.

Thanks so much!

Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist, and
President of the Cayuga Bird Club


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