Hi Preston,

You indeed have an interesting call. My feeling is that it is a highly 
modulated Savannah Sparrow rather than “Ipswich” Savannah Sparrow. I believe an 
Ipswich Sparrow should be of a higher frequency overall. That being said, I 
think we need some more examples of Ipswich flight calls and come up with a 
range of measurements for analyzing spectrograms.

It is also unlikely, not impossible, but unlikely that you would have an 
Ipswich Sparrow in Connecticut this early. Juvenile Ipswich Sparrows start 
leaving Sable Island in late September and will usually spend time on the coast 
of Nova Scotia and Maine before heading further south. Adults don’t leave until 

You might find this You Tube video interesting about recent radio telemetry 
studies on the timing of migration and movements of Ipswich Sparrows: 



Carleton, NS



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9/24-25/16, 8:00 PM-6:30 AM -- Yard, Westport CT



While looking through the results of last night's extremely productive 
recording, I stumbled upon a very interesting savannah sparrow call which is 
superficially similar to an Ipswich call, mainly because it is highly 
modulated. As Ipswich savannah sparrows are very rare in Connecticut, I was 
wondering if anyone could confirm or refute this tentative ID. Attached is a 
screenshot of the spectrogram, and (a very brief) clip of the call.



Preston Lust, Westport CT


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