Hello all,

I am very sad to report that longtime subscriber of the listserv, Dr.
Maurice Barnhill passed away last night. He was an active member of the
birding community (especially in my home state of Delaware), and will be
sorely missed by all. Below is a forwarded message from the DE-birds
listserv regarding Dr. Barnhill.


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Hi everybody,
It's with great sadness to announce that Maurice Barnhill passed away last
night. He was in hospice at Christiana Hospital for a week, quietly went in
his sleep.

Maurice was awarded the Delmarva Ornithological Society's (DOS) "Outstanding
Achievement in Ornithology" last year after a long and distinguished career.
He was a co-author of "Bird of Delaware" (2000), served as Vice-president of
DOS, Records committee, and council, found the first record of White-faced
Storm-Petrel in North America about 15 miles east of Indian River Inlet, and
wrote the report for Delaware first Lark Sparrow. Many birders are using
Maurice's "Where to Find Birds in Delaware" today from the DOS web site.

Maury was an early proponent of the American Birding Association. He wrote a
series of articles on bird descriptions. He also had the highest Big Year
for ABA once, only because his friend, Harold Morrin didn't submit his list.
Maurice believed in mentoring the next generation, including current ABA
president-Jeff Gordon, along with Andy Mack, ornithologist from Papua New
Guinea, and Ted Parker, possibly the greatest field ornithologist of all

Many birders don't know that Maurice was a high energy physicist at the
University of Delaware. After graduating from University of North Carolina,
he earned a Ph.D. from Stanford. There were 3 Nobel laureates on his
doctoral dissertation board.  His college class on Physical Science was a
pre-requisite for many of the science programs, but Maury was not happy with
the curriculum so he wrote his own textbook!

There will be a memorial service at the U of D to be announced. Maury is
survived by his brother Jim, his nieces, and many close friends in the
birding community. I will be glad to pass along any messages to the family.

Good birding,

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