10/9-10/16, 7:50 PM - 6:25 AM -- Yard, Westport CT

An overall decent nocturnal flight this night. However, I recorded the 
following calls which I cannot identify. The recording 1.16.26 appears to be 
two calls directly next to each other - one at a middle-range kHz and the other 
very high. 3.52.46 appears to be a Lincoln's/swamp, but looks rather different 
on a spectrogram. 20.33.58 is around 6 kHz and is a straight, single-banded 
line, almost sparrow-like. 3.38.00 contains two 8 kHz "ticks" that are very 
clean and sharp. 3.03.20 is similar. 4.37.12 is a long call that has a very 
faint second ban. It sounds superficially sparrow-like. 5.00.06 is the most 
interesting of these calls. This call sounds similar to a goldfinch, and is 
double-banded. These bands are widely separated by a space around 2 kHz wide. 
At the beginning, the lower band starts at 4.5 kHz, and the upper at 10 kHz. 
Very strange.

Preston Lust, Westport CT


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