Good morning!

As spring migration gets under way, I thought I would let you all know that the 
NFC-L eList also recently migrated – to a new Lyris eList server platform. As 
part of a pilot test, this new platform includes an increase in allowable total 
message size to around 5MB; this is a significant file size increase from the 
former limit of around 900KB. This should greatly improve our ability to share 
attached NFC-related files with each other and to the greater NFC community.

Please note that I also set the eList so that any reply to a message goes to 
the entire eList – if this becomes a problem, I may revert back to the former 
setting of reply to sender.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with messages being sent to or 
received from this eList.

Thanks and good NFC listening!!

Chris T-H

Chris Tessaglia-Hymes
Listowner, NFC-L
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