Hi Ted,
That is a nice recording! I have no idea what the call is. Grebe-ish popped 
into my head.
I've attached a file with a call that sounds and looks similar to yours. Do you 
think they are the same? 
We recorded it the night of Sept 26 in southern Ravalli County, MT at a remote 
acoustic monitoring site. 
Debbie Leick
MPG Ranch
Florence, MT

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Colorado, USA) 

Hey, all. Anybody know what's calling at the 2.0-sec. mark? I'm pretty sure I 
know, but I thought I'd put it out there as a quiz. Check out the awesome 
reverb--and that's perhaps a clue.

Also audible are the crickets Oecanthus fultoni and Gryllus pennsylvanicus. And 
a certain owl... ;-)

Location is eastern Boulder County, Colorado, USA. Recorded earlier this 
Saturday morning, Sept. 23, under very light drizzle.


Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado, USA


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