Hi Debbie and all,

I have had unusually high numbers of Canada Warbler NFCs last autumn (2017) and 
this autumn (2018). I’ve had more Canada Warblers in 2018 but I’m using a more 
powerful microphone (OldBird 21c) this year compared to a Wildlife Acoustic NFC 
microphone in 2017.


Beaver River, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Autumn 2018: 516 NFCs for an 
estimated 387 birds

Cape Forchu, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Autumn 2017: 287 NFCs for an 
estimated 226 birds.


The peak occurs in the month of August.


For more details see: 
http://www.johnfkearney.com/Beaver_River_Yarmouth_County_Autumn_2018.html, and 


John Kearney


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Hey Everyone,

Here in western Montana, we've recorded more Canada Warbler NFCs this fall than 
in past years. We had more microphones too, but it seems maybe something else 
is going on. Did any of you Easterners see higher than usual numbers of NFCs or 
know if they had an above average breeding season? Forest fire smoke was also 
pretty bad up there so we've wondered about the influence of that, too.

Thanks for sharing any insight you may have!

Debbie Leick

MPG Ranch

Missoula, MT


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