Hi All,

The presentations and video demos from our *"Cysinfo Cyber Security Meet"*
(17th Sept 2016) is now online. Thanks to all for taking time out of busy
schedule to attend this meet. special thanks to Amrita University for
providing us with the venue and support. For those who missed the meet
below is the link to the presentation and the video demos (and also details
as to which presentations contain video demos)

Links to the presentations and video demos:

Topics Presented in the meet:

1) Attacking and Crashing IoT Devices via Bluetooth LE protocol
2) Investigating Malware using Memory Forensics (Presenatation & Video Demo)
3) Elliptic curve cryptography (Presenatation)
4) Dissecting Android APK (Presenatation & Video Demo)
5) EMET evasion techniques detected in the wild (Presenatation)
6) Exploits & Mitigations – Memory Corruption Techniques (Presenatation)
7) IOT Exploitation (Presenatation)
8) Understanding APT1 malware techniques using malware analysis and reverse
engineering (Presenatation & Video Demos)


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