On Jun 15, 2006, at 5:32 PM, Robert Milkowski wrote:

> And when it finds that all requests are 'in progress' - then what?

When the non-idempotent reply can not be placed in the duplicate request
cache, we call svcerr_systemerr() which places SYSTEM_ERR in the reply
ar_stat; This has the effect to cause the client to re-drive the call,
in the hopes that the duplicate request cache congestion has passed.

> Thank you for info.
> btw: it looks like A LOT of messages are being sent in that case to
> syslog and that is perhaps one of the things which kills performance
> and makes whole server unresponsive.

The unresponsiveness is most likely to be due to the clients having
to re-drive the requests. Increasing the size of the duplicate request
cache as Spencer suggests and see if that helps.

-- Robert.

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