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NOTE: This is the final merge before 2.4.0 baring some show stopper issue.

Release Highlights

* Fixes to compile under c++

* gtest infrastructure

* clean MDCACHE entry export cache

Signed-off-by: Frank S. Filz <>


dc4dcd3 Frank S. Filz V2.4-rc7
761ec19 Daniel Gryniewicz Clear an entry's first_export cache
9794d85 Daniel Gryniewicz c++ fixes for remaining fsals
c447ff1 Matt Benjamin gtest: add initial libganesha fsal test driver
604c268 Matt Benjamin fsal.h: fix binding in *createmode_to_fsal
be7e88c Matt Benjamin nfs_exports.h: s/export/exp/;
ebfedc7 Matt Benjamin fsal_up:  s/export/up_export/;
66acc48 Matt Benjamin SAL and FSAL: move enum state_type decl
070bcca Matt Benjamin fsal_types.h: narrowing
b12760e Matt Benjamin gsh_rpc: narrowing (maybe)
2ad65e5 Matt Benjamin wait_queue.h: avoid narrowing cast
373fed8 Matt Benjamin correct casts in abstract_mem.h
464ed4f Matt Benjamin Log: Constness
0ab81b4 Matt Benjamin log.h: s/private/private_data
efc145d Matt Benjamin log: avoid truncation in display_buffer_len
a28fba4 Matt Benjamin testing: s/-std=c++14/-std=gnu++14/ to enable typeof
3378be8 Matt Benjamin c++ headers: avoid export identifiers in nfs_exports.h
c582760 Matt Benjamin testing: support debug level and log path
9e206ff Matt Benjamin testing: fix test driver linkage to fsalpseudo
af08348 Matt Benjamin testing: Fsalcore, nfs_libmain dup conf
d10f4a9 Matt Benjamin testing:  add nfs_libmain, program_options
a3c4b35 Matt Benjamin FSAL_GPFS:  fix some c++ identifier errors
744af39 Matt Benjamin c++ header compilation:  remove export token, others
e848afa Matt Benjamin nfsv41.h:  remove incorrect forward decls
92ad507 Matt Benjamin testing: add missing src/gtest/CMakeLists.txt
430e92b Matt Benjamin testing: introduce gmock and gtest framework
fd48848 Matt Benjamin testing: c++, prune src/test/CMakeLists.txt
5a32104 Matt Benjamin nfs init: factor malloc check into nfs_check_malloc()
9c40347 Matt Benjamin testing:  add nfs_lib.c

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