On 09/21/2016 11:09 PM, Soumya Koduri wrote:

> and another one (I lost the core) , but it was
> mdcache_lru_get->mdcache_lru_clean -> fsal_close()->close() . In
> FSAL_GLUSTER()->file_close(), below assert was hit -
> assert(obj_hdl->type == REGULAR_FILE);
> The obj_hdl->type was a large number and did not have any of the defined
> macros value. I tried reproducing, but haven't hit it again (neither of
> the above crashes).
> But I would like to check if the above check is valid in FSALs close()
> routines ? I see this check in vfs_close() as well. But I assume
> mdcache_lru_clean could be called on an obj_hdl of any type but not
> restricted to REGULAR_FILE. Could you please confirm?

mdcache_lru_clean() calls fsal_close() which first checks that a handle 
is a regular file, and returns.  close() should never be called, except 
on a regular file.


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