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Release Highlights

* ntirpc V1.4.1

* cache_inode replaced with stackable FSAL_MDCACHE

* support_ex FSAL API extensions to allow associating file descriptors
  or other FSAL specific information with state_t objects

* abort() on ENOMEM rather than attempt to continue


* dynamic EXPORT configuration update (via dBus and SIGHUP)

* FSAL_CEPH pushes byte range locks into cephfs

* Ability to compile Ganesha code as a library useable from C++ programs
  (specifically to allow Ganesha code to be used in a gtest environment)

* Proper handling of NFS v3 (NLM) blocked locks

* netgroup cache

* Cache open owners

* Various bug fixes, memory leaks, refcount issues and more

Signed-off-by: Frank S. Filz <>


0c209a7 Frank S. Filz V2.4.0

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