In cache_inode_rename, we did a lookup of both the old name and the new
name, and refreshed attributes on both objects.

In mdcache, I'm not sure we invalidate the attributes of mdc_lookup_dst (if
any, the object that is unlinked as a result of rename onto it).

What this results in is that a rename of a file causes us to not reflect the
updated ctime to the client.

I think we need to do an mdc_try_get_cached on old name, and if that results
in a cached object, to invalidate it's attributes.

Similarly, if mdc_lookup_dst is non-NULL, we need to invalidate it's
attributes (if it had multiple hard links, a rename over it should change
it's ctime also). If we just evict it from cache, then that works also.

What do you think?

Anyone else have thoughts?



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