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Release Highlights

* Fix/clarify permission checking in open2

* Invalidate attributes for files involved in rename not just directories

* Fix a typo/bug in FSAL_CEPH open2

* Update and correct config documentation for Squash EXPORT option

* Don't try and set ctime via FSAL_PROXY

* Don't set owner and owner_group when caller is not uid 0 in fsal_create

Signed-off-by: Frank S. Filz <>


0f55a9a Frank S. Filz V2.4.0.3
5809caa Sachin Punadikar Fix create operations with GID for non-root users
16b0057 Patrice LUCAS FIX FSAL_PROXY : clear CTIME in setattrs
fe3a89f Matthew Wong Update and correct config samples for RootIdSquash,
3ae5fa5 Frank S. Filz FSAL_CEPH: Fix a bug which would have affected replay
of nfs3_create
90b210c Frank S. Filz In mdcache_rename invalidate the attributes of the
affected files
adf6bcd Frank S. Filz FSAL_RGW: ssure correct permission checking in open2
1b602c8 Frank S. Filz FSAL_GPFS: Assure correct permission checking in open2
6f4beab Frank S. Filz FSAL_GLUSTER: Assure correct permission checking in
f41534b Frank S. Filz FSAL_CEPH: Assure correct permission checking in open2
db67bfc Frank S. Filz FSAL_VFS: Assure correct permission checking in open2
fb766fe Frank S. Filz In open2_by_name, if a stateless open fails permission
do close not close2

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