On 11/30/16 10:19 AM, GerritHub wrote:
> Daniel Gryniewicz uploaded this change for *review*.
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> Fix NTIRPC version in spec file
> In the case where an embedden ntirpc is being installed, the spec file
> needs to know the exact version of ntirpc to install.  However, the
> CMakeLists.txt only has the minimum version.  Rather than changing that
> every time ntirpc bumps, use a PARENT_SCOPE variable from ntirpc itself
> to indicate the actual version, and leave the minimum version specified
> in Ganesha's build system.
Seems like a good idea to me.  Then we won't need to have a separate
series of higher numbered development next ntirpc versions after all....
They'll just float on the last master version?

Would be good to have this in the next ganesha -devel release, please.

It will also have to go before my test patches, so I'll rebase.

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