As a convenience, packages of NFS-Ganesha-2.6.0 and libntirpc for
several popular Linux distributions are available:

Fedora 27 x86_64 (and aarch64 soon) at [1]. Fedora 28 and 29/rawhide are
in Fedora Updates or Updates-Testing' use dnf to install.

CentOS Storage SIG el6 and el7. Packages are currently in the testing
repos at [2], and will soon move to the mirrors at [3]. More info on
using the Storage SIG repos is at [4]

Ubuntu Launchpad for 16.04 (xenial), 17.10 (atomic), and 18.04 (bionic)
at [5].

Debian 9 (stretch) and 10 (buster/sid) for amd64 (and arm64 soon) at [1].

SuSE SLES12sp3, Leap42.3, and Tumbleweed at [6].

Most of the FSALs are included, e.g. XFS, VFS, GLUSTER, CEPH, RGW, etc.
If they are not there it's usually because the platform doesn't have the
necessary dependencies, e.g. new enough Ceph.

If you notice any issues with the _packaging_ please open a github issue
at [7] (.debs) or [8] (suse rpms). For bugs in NFS-Ganesha itself or the
fedora/centos rpms, please open a github issue at [9]. If in doubt, open
a github issue at [9].




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