These are couple of statistics related issues I noticed:

1. NFS4 compounds are incremented multiple times:

For individual OPs, ganesha takes this path:
server_stats_nfsv4_op_done() -> record_nfsv4_op() ->
Once the compound is complete, we take another path
server_stats_compound_done() -> record_compound() ->
record_op(&sp->compounds, ..)
In both cases the same counter is incremented. So the sp->compounds will be
incremented one extra time both on export and client stats.
I think the second call is meant to measure the number of compounds from a
client (not the individual OPS). So is it ok to use a different variable
for that?

2. In nfs_rpc_execute(), the queue_wait is set to the difference between
op_ctx->start_time and reqdata->time_queued. But reqdata->time_queued is
never set (in the old code - pre 2.6-dev5, nfs_rpc_enqueue_req() used to
set it; now only 9P code sets it). Is nfs_rpc_decode_request() a good place
to set it?
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