during the conversion of my web servers at home I ran into some problems.
We are running more than one web servers at home and a few ports are open in 
the router for them.
So the standard ports (80, 443) are blocked for other server in our network.
One NGINX Server listens on port 80, and our router routes port 8081 from 
outside to port 80 locally.
On any rewrite NGINX strips the port from the URL. This is the server because I 
get a connection to the server and then I got rewritten.
Is there any config entry to disable the port remove on rewrite? I already 
tried “port_in_redirect off”, without success.
I already posted this question on SO and the NGINX forum, but I think in the 
mailing list i have more success.
Link to StackOverflow Question: 
Link to NGINX forum: https://forum.nginx.org/read.php?11,269603

Currently i am using almost the default config, view SO for the config.

Thank you in anticipation!
- greetings from Germany
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