On 09/19/2016 10:41 PM, basti wrote:
I have a perl/ gci script that creates a dir and within that an subdir
with permission 0750. The owner of the dirs are www-data.

nginx can't delete the dirs because this is run as user nginx.
is there a way to set the user for perl/cgi to nginx? only for this

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Not as such. However, as it sounds like you're running on linux, you can fool around a bit and sort of do it backwards...

Set the perms on the parent directory to 2770, and the group ownership to nginx. What this does is to enforce the old BSD file ownership method, in that every file - be it flat or a directory - created in this directory will have the group ownership of nginx ( it's parent ), and that this functionality will be transferred to any subdirectories that are created. That's half of the battle won.

The second thing that needs to be done it to add group write permissions to these files. Basically, the UMASK of the environment that the perl script is running needs to be set to 0002 from 0022.

This does mean that all files generated by the script will have group write permissions, so it's not perfect, but it's a start. Hopefully group write permissions to www-data aren't too bad.



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