> We're facing quite slow uploading speed on FreeBSD-10.X over HTTP (NGINX). 

How slow is "slow"?
As in you didn't provide any metrics.

> There's not much load on HDDs so i suspect that maybe tcp tuning has some 
> problem.

Well you could simply transfer a file via scp (-c arcfour) or netcat to see if 
the bottleneck is network/tcp.

> Is there some NGINX variables which we can tweak for POST request ? Currently 
> the relevant one looks to be fastcgi_buffers . Here is nginx.conf :
> http://pastebin.com/ek7TCJha

Fastcgi_buffers don't affect upload bandwidth.

But client_body_buffer_size 4096M; seems a bit extreme to me since even with 
65G ram you would be able to have only ~16 simultaneous uploads (if all upload 
~4G the same time) - a quite possible dos factor.


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