> But the problem still remains and it is getting weirder with every minute.''

I'm not familiar with WoltLab Suite but it feels that it does the same as 
Wordpress as in it forces redirects to the domain the application is 
Could it be that you configured it initially on the 3jgkp.de domain?

For example you can open http://armapedia.de/images/lato/armapedia.png just 
fine without redirect.

Also if you request http://armapedia.de/somepath it gets redirected to 
http://armapedia.3jgkp.de/?somepath (which is clearly something based on your 
provided nginx configuration is not supposed to do)

p.s. one thing to note is that at least the IP you provided (and the domain 
resolves to) actually doesn't listen on 443 (https) port (unless it's not 
specifically disabled in firewall it's not public).


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