One easy newbie mistake to make is leaving out trailing slashes for location 
and proxy_pass blocks.   I'd expect the location block to look something like 

location /app/ {
   proxy_pass http://tomcatdomain/application_name/;

Note the trailing slashes after /app/ and /application_name/. Without them the 
routing is not going to do what you want.


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Hi guys,

I am new to nginx and facing some problem with my setup.

In my setup i have nginx and tomcat with the application running on tomcat as 
http://tomcatdomain/application_name. I want to redirect to application if 
someone hit http://nginxdomain/app. I am able to do the redirection using 
location block as:

location /app {
  proxy_pass $tomcatdomain;
  proxy_set_header Host $host;
  proxy_pass_request_headers  on;

http://nginxdomain/app gives default tomcat page but i am not being able to 
reach the application.
If i do like: http://nginxdomain/app/application_name, then it doesn't go 
anywhere but gives me the default tomcat page

Ricky Singh

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