I posted this a few weeks ago – I hope it helps you.  I did this with nginx 
plus, so it may not work if you are using the open-source product.

NTLM authentication authenticates connections instead of requests, and this is 
somewhat contradicts HTTP protocol, which is expected to be stateless. As a 
result it doesn't generally work though proxies, including nginx.

NGINX can support it though, you need to use the "ntlm" directive. Below is an 
[stripped down] example of how I have it set up in front of TFS.  I would think 
Sharepoint would be very similar.  This has worked very reliably for like a 

upstream MyNtlmService {

        zone backend;




        keepalive 64;

        #See http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_upstream_module.html#ntlm



    server {

        listen 80;

        location / {

            proxy_read_timeout 60s;


            proxy_http_version 1.1;

            proxy_set_header Connection "";

            proxy_pass http:// MyNtlmService /;



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Hi there,

> myserver requires NTLM authentication. I access myserver through nginx proxy
> and provide correct auth info,but the browser prompt auth again.


nginx does not support NTLM authentication.

If you need something to reverse-proxy a http server that uses NTLM, you
must write the code to make your nginx do it, or you must use something
that is not stock-nginx.

If you choose the latter, "NGINX Plus" is one thing that does advertise
NTLM support. Other things probably exist too.

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Pass it to squid for NTLM auth
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