Yum install nginx
gets you the binary. I'm not really sure how the dynamic module load works, but 
my understanding (or perhaps lack thereof) means you supplement the precompiled 
binary with the module. 

Solve your other problems first, then you can investigate this if you want to 
beat your head against the wall some more. 

Once you figure the dynamic module load, you could do a post about how it 
works. I often do this just so I can find my old post if I have trouble doing 
the same thing a year or two later. 

Presumably once you figure this out, your transition to Centos 7 will be 

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hi sorry but I'm not quite clear. You said 'you shouldn't have to compile
Nginx but use the disty binary'. I'm not sure what the disty binary is. Do
you mean installing from the nginx repo at
or from the latest tarball?

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