> I have configured nginx to cache static content, but i cant see any file in 
> caching
> folder, also when i'm opening page in DevTool on network tab it show

Unless you have somehow messed up the configuration in the email, something 

server {

         listen 443 ssl;

        server_name www.watchbox.ge watchbox.ge;
        location / {
        proxy_pass https://watchbox.ge;


doesn't make sense (to me) as it would make an infinite nested loop - the 
server proxies itself (unless internally the watchbox.ge resolves to some other 

Also by looking at the headers: cf-ray: 50655a0c2cf0d413-BUD  is there also 
CloudFlare somewhere in-between? Maybe the object is already cached on CF and 
isn't even requested from the origin server?

At least in the response I don't see this header at all:  add_header  
'X-GG-Cache-Status' $upstream_cache_status; 

I would suggest to try with simplified configuration. It's quite hard to help 
in this case.


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