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Am 27.02.2018 um 07:27 schrieb Duncan Bayne <dun...@bayne.id.au>:

I'm trying to use ngircd in such a manner that all channels are:

(a) persisted by default, even if created by non-privileged users, and

(b) persisted between restarts of the daemon

From reading the docs I gather (b) 'just happens' with +P, but I have no
idea how to achieve (a).  Could someone please point me at the relevant

Both isn't possible with current ngIRCd:

Canels are only "persistent" (exist even when no users are joined to them) when they are +P, and this mode can only be set

- in the configuration file(s) or
- by IRC operators during runtime.

If set during runtime, this information isn't saved and therefore gets lost when restarting the daemon.


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