Left part of your lane is called the "blocking position" and should be used 
if any car is behind you.  Motorcycle test here would put a mark against 
you if your were in any other position.  If it's a 4 lane highway and your 
in the left lane then you should be in the right part of that lane, again 
you would be tested for that in a proper motorcycle license test. Center of 
a lane has chances of oil on your tires which will be very dangerous.  
Consider taking a motorcycle course if there is one in your area, it could 
save your life.  Motorcycles are fun but what you don't know can bite you 
hard down the road.

Counter steering is what motorcycle and even bicycles are all about. Gravel 
on the road, just roll over it.  If it in a corner, you should be looking 
farther ahead into the turn so you can drop speed before you come to it.

Glasses, yup put the helmet on and wiggle the glasses in there, it only 
take 10 seconds.  Sound to me like your helmet is the right size, it's no 
good if it's too loose and helmets will loosen up with use.


On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 12:23:17 PM UTC-4, Dan Cook wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few things on my mind as I enter month two of riding. Any thoughts?
> - should I ride in the center of the lane whenever possible? I've heard 
> varying ideas here. Generally I'm more comfortable in the center. Oncoming 
> traffic could destroy me. Gravel or other crap on the side of the road is 
> no good either. But I have still heard people say that the center isn't the 
> place to be.
> - if I see gravel on the road and there's no avoiding it, what's the best 
> course of action? My instinct is simply to avoid braking or accelerating 
> and just try to roll on over it. In corner, obviously this is more 
> dangerous.
> - when not shifting or braking, balls of the feet on the pegs, or remain 
> ready to brake/shift?
> - how important is leaning in a curve? My very limited experience 
> (including a corner lowside) tells me that countersteering is plenty for 
> any corner.
> - I wear contact lenses. However, for about a month I've been out of them 
> and had to wear my glasses. How do you put your helmet on with glasses? I 
> have to take off the glasses, put on the helmet, then snake the glasses 
> between the helmet padding and my ears until I find the right spot. It's 
> really a pain in the ass. I wonder if my helmet is a little too tight.
> Thanks!
> Dan 
> (And this is all relevant to this list, of course, because I'm wondering 
> all this while on my Nighthawk 250.) 

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