Happy to post a video of the exhaust system in action. Cold start with 


On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 9:26:32 PM UTC-4, Nate Craft wrote:
> I couldn't find my previous thread, so here's the update. OEM exhaust was 
> just too expensive. Honda rebel exhaust does not fit easily. The header 
> matches but the rest would have taken a custom bracket of some kind to 
> mount to the bike, plus the kickstand was a problem. There really is no 
> good reason why I did what I did, but I bought a cheap Chinese version of 
> the Rebel exhaust, chopped the muffler and but on a set of slip-on 
> shorties. It runs great, it sounds great and it looks alright. The fun part 
> was meeting the people at Engine and Frame in Richmond, VA. It's a DIY shop 
> where I rented a lift and a work bench for a month and took my time getting 
> this exhaust fitted correctly. The owner was on hand to answer questions 
> and other members of the coop were helpful. It was a great experience and 
> I'm already scheming an excuse to do some work there again. Fork seals? 
> Carb re-jet?

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